Samvahan is an ancient vibrational massage technique, rooted in the vedic tradition. It was rediscovered and perfected by Dr. Ram Boshle in the early 1930’s.
The universe vibrates, every cell, every atom of the body vibrate. The aim of this massage is to harmonize your vibrations with those of the universe, using a light, rythmical touch guided by the 5 elements that are Fire, Earth, Water, Air and the most subtle one Ether.
By doing this, the praticionner amplifies the natural healing vibrations that are already in the body. This massage is like an invitation, like a dance, it is very musical. I find it a very powerful and lasting way to connect to our inner-self, and to be grounded both physically and in the truth of who we are.

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1 session : 55 euros (1 hour)
3 sessions: 135 euros

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