About Ariane


I’m a professionally trained reflexologist and Samvahan praticioner.

I came to massage therapy 10 years ago as a way of knowing more about myself and was struck by how much it changed the perception of who I was physically and emotionaly. I naturally turned to training called by a need to share the benefits of it, also willing to meaningly connect with others.

I’m a member of the Fédération Française des Réflexologues (the French association for professionnal reflexologists). I was certified in reflexology in 2011 and have been working in a private studio ever since.

I received Michael Trembath ‘s precious teaching in Samvahan. Michael is one of the only two westerners who were allowed by Dr Boshle to teach Samvahan. I was certified in 2007 and have been practicising this life changing technique ever since.

The people I’m working with mostly come for stress and anxiety problems. They can also deal with insomnia, digestive or circulatory problems, hormonal change issues. Some of them are suffering from inflammatory diseases and we work on easing chronical pains.

My goal is to provide safe support to people. Whether they are willing to enforce changes in their lives or to ground and enhance what is already there for them. I hope I can serve this purpose most rightly and respectfully.

Contact information

  • By appointment at 06 80 50 45 73
  • Espace Equilibre
    11 rue des Follies Chaillou
    44 000 NANTES
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